The Cautious Canine: How to Help Dogs Conquer Their Fears

The Cautious Canine: How to Help Dogs Conquer Their Fears

Patricia Bean McConnell, Ph.D., CAAB Emeritus (Née Patricia Bean) is an Ethologist who has consulted with pet dog and cat owners for over thirty years regarding serious behavioral problems, has given seminars on companion animal behavior both domestically and internationally, and has written several books on training and behavior relating to their dogs.

Karen B. London, Ph.D., is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and Certified Professional Dog Trainer who specializes in working with dogs with serious behavioral issues, including aggression.

Many fear-based problems can be overcome by learning how to apply desensitization and counter-conditioning. Whether fear of strangers, vacuums, or objects, by identifying triggers and creating a step-by-step plan, you will improve the quality of your dog’s life and yours.

Whether your dog is afraid of the vacuum cleaner or defensively aggressive to visitors, using this booklet will result in a happier and better-behaved dog.

The Cautious Canine will:

•    Help create a safe environment for your dog and others
•    Illustrate that what’s called “aggression” is often fear
•    Show how to identify the subtle “triggers” that elicit fear
•    Help to turn your dog’s fear into happy anticipation
•    Show how to manage “surprises” that may set your dog back



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