An Affirmation is our means to let our dog’s know what they did was correct or desirable behavior. Examples include “Good Sit”, “Good Look”, “Good Heel”. We want to be as specific as possible. If your dog, Sam, is looking at you while sitting down and you give the Affirmation “Good Sam”, this is appropriate but could be more specific. Affirming “Good Look” & “Good Sit” will be better because it will help Sam become understand which behavior(s) you’re Affirming for. 

The clicker helps us Affirm commands. All together, to use Affirmation and the clicker effectively we practice the following:

Click. “Good Sit” 

Click. “Good Look”

Click. “Good Heel”

This format helps our dogs become operant, willing to explore, work, and engage. When we Affirm and Reward our dogs’ desired behaviors, we are practicing Positive Reinforcement Training.

Joshua Quinn

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