Private Training Sessions

Existing clients are eligible for private training sessions. After your trainer teaches you how to work towards your goals for your dog, you are qualified to begin private training. Each private training session is 40 minutes and is for your trainer to work with your dog (pet parents are not present). Daily training notes emailed in the evening.

Single Session: $80

Package 1: $280- 4 sessions. ($70 ea.)

Package 2: $520 – 8 sessions. ($65 ea.)

Package 3: $720 – 12 sessions. ($60 ea.)

Training Walks

The Training walk lasts for 40 min and include shortened training notes.

The walk is a private training service where your Mindful Trainer will practice the basic obedience commands: Heel, Look, and Sit/Stay with your dog.

Training Walk: $40 each

Package 1: $150- 4 training walks

Package 2: $300- 8 training walks

Package 3: $450- 12 training walks